The menu of meals in BILBO šmak restaurants is very varied and in combination with several types of side dishes (baked potatoes, boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, fries, rice, etc.) the customer can choose the composition of the meal exactly according to his discretion, current mood and taste. A very affordable children's menu, which includes a drink and a surprise along with the main meal, is a matter of course in all restaurants. The main and absolutely priority task of the BILBO šmak restaurants is to offer the customer high-quality Czech cuisine. Seasons also bring with them specific needs of customers in the area of ​​catering. In the summer months, we try to appeal to customers with lighter dishes, such as pasta, risotto, vegetable salads, etc. In the autumn and winter months, we can offer more nutritious dishes, such as fried wine sausages, grilled marinated pork knee, baked potatoes, grilled pork ribs or chicken cutlets in potato batter (so-called rarášci). We prepare natural salmon in butter from very high-quality chilled raw materials, which has become a very popular and sought-after delicacy. The dishes that are most popular among our customers remain a permanent part of our menu and we offer them all year round.

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