In 2023, the FOKUS optical network celebrated its 75th anniversary since the first mention, which dates back to 1948.

To date, FOKUS has managed to grow to number one in its segment in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

 It now has almost 160 branches in both countries, employs hundreds of experts and takes care of the vision of approximately 200,000 clients a year. We rely on professionalism, an individual and modern approach with 100% care for our clients' vision.

 It is in OC DBK that you can find our optics with modern equipment for measuring vision.

 Along with expert advice, we also apply contact lenses or service glasses using an ultrasound device.

 We offer not only high-quality, but also affordable products.

Customers can choose from OKKO's in-house frames, from world brands of dioptric frames, sunglasses, contact lenses and other additional products such as eye drops, eyeglass cleaning sets or eyeglass cases.

 Our optometrists are readily available for you.