We put a lot of emphasis on the quality of the products we offer and the feedback gives us the satisfaction that it is something our customers appreciate. What sets us apart from the competition is the handmade production of all our products. At Pekárna Kabát, our bakers make every single piece of pastry by hand. We want to maintain an honest bakery craft for you.
The use of mainly Czech raw materials without chemical additives and food substitutes is typical for our products. We are also certified BIO producers. Most of our products are based on following old traditional recipes and production methods. Traditional recipes, handmade production and the use of quality ingredients make us significantly different from other bakers, which is also why our customers are looking for products that they cannot find in the regular offer of chains. In addition to traditional Czech savory and sweet pastries, our stores also offer filled baguettes and buns, coated sandwiches, etc., as well as classic confectionery products of our own production.