The Lebanese restaurant offers a fantastic opportunity to eat quickly and, above all, tasty. Thanks to the interest of the general public, Safir is very popular and the food here is always fresh.
Hummus, the famous Arab spread made from chickpeas and sesame tahini paste, is also the most popular here. You can eat it with warm aysa flatbreads or as a side dish to falafel, which is a chickpea patty. Hummus is one of the cornerstones of Lebanese cuisine and is also served as a tasty breakfast. The second most popular delicacy is the renowned eggplant baba ganoush. There is also great interest in cheese steak and grilled chicken haloumi. To drink here, you can order a very refreshing yogurt drink with ayran mint. And if you're into really sweet treats, try the classic baklava, or the unusual harissa with honey and nuts. In addition to vegetable appetizers, you can order a whole range of dishes from the daily menu.

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