The CEWE Fotolab store offers a wide range of both photo products and photo equipment, including accessories. In the store, we will take a professional photo of you for IDs and documents, we will print everything immediately

In addition, you can easily print photos from your phone, memory card or USB drive up to a size of 20 x 30 cm. We will also help you create personal gifts from photos right at the store, or advise you on the choice of photo equipment. Each of the stores also serves as a delivery point for your e-shop orders.

The store offers:

Instant printing of photos (proof, classic and creative)

A wide selection of photography equipment from cameras, lenses and other photography related accessories

Frames, albums

Samples of sample CEWE PHOTOBOOKS, CEWE photo paintings and other photo gifts, including the possibility of ordering them directly from the store

Digitizing your old photos and movies

Compilation of photo products for you, including photo editing

Rental of photo equipment

Professional advice

Technical insurance

Sale by installments